Fundraising Efforts

Fundraising Efforts

Our Fundraising Efforts Will Encompass Three Distinct Approaches: 

  1. Utilizing our Vitapharm Nutrition affiliate program, which connects to selected products provided by Vitapharm Nutrition, we will receive a generous 10% of the sales proceeds by Vitapharm Nutrition. 
  2. As a valued partner, Vitapharm Nutrition USA will contribute annual donations to support our mission and aid us in achieving our objectives. 
  3. We welcome and greatly appreciate public donations, as they play a vital role in enabling us to fulfil our goals and make a positive impact.

Our First Set Of Goals To Reach

  • 250 000 units + in product sales. 
  • Raise $1 000 000 through our partner sales and donations. 
  • 150 Families. Provide financial aid to 150 African families. 

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