Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

In a world engulfed in chaos, there are individuals in our society who have been forgotten even during the best of times. Now, they have been marginalized and cast aside without any hope. The Vitapharm Foundation aims to extend assistance to the impoverished, widows, children, and the elderly. Furthermore, the stark contrast between the Western world, abundant with wealth and a high quality of life, and the majority of the third world, particularly in Africa, is a reality that remains unfamiliar to most. The Vitapharm Foundation has been set up in South Africa with the purpose of aiding South African families and charities in their struggle to stay afloat. With a crumbling water and power utility system, extremely high crime rate and an alarming unemployment rate of over 32%, the sense of despair worsens with each passing day

At Vitapharm Nutrition, we are committed to making a difference. We pledge to donate 10% of the purchase price for all sales generated through our Foundation affiliate links in association with Additionally, we will provide quarterly articles to keep you updated on the organizations we have supported through grants and service as well as news on the ground regarding the situation in South Africa and neighboring countries.

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